Sunday, 29 September 2013


So, at long last, I have finished my granny square blanket. Oh yes, it has taken a while! I started it back in July 2012 when I was on a long car journey to our holiday in the Orkney Islands, the first time I'd crocheted since the 1970's. I did struggle with it at first and ended up casting it to one side for many months. Finally this summer I decided enough was enough, picked it up again and really got to grips with it. The pattern is by Drops, the wool, Drops Delight. I didn't quite follow the pattern in the end but I'm pleased it's finished and I'm very pleased with it. I intend keeping it in the lounge, it'll keep my feet cosy as the winter evenings creep in.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I crochet something else, though probably not another blanket, at least, for a while. I'm looking out for some ideas to inspire me.

I've also knitted these fingerless mittens and I've already completed one of another pair. A friend gave me the easy to follow pattern and the wool I'm using is Sirdar, Click, double knit.
It's nice to knit something that is finished so quickly for a change, just a couple of evenings in front of the tv and they're done.

Earlier this week we had a very foggy morning here and walking Charlotte & Jessica to school we saw the most amazing spider webs. I couldn't resist taking a few photos and the girls intend to use some of the pictures for halloween next month. I don't know what for yet but, they said that they will be very useful.

It certainly is a sign that Autumn is well and truly upon us.

 This weekend has seen me out in the garden, cutting back shrubs and tying up hardy plants that though straggly now are still giving such a lovely display of colourful flowers.
A visit to my daughter in law Jo this morning saw her bringing in the last of her homegrown veg from the garden. I returned home laden with tomatoes and an enormous overgrown courgette.
This week soup will be on the menu here and hopefully some for the freezer too!


  1. I must get on with my blanket, yours is lovely such beautiful colours. The spiders webs have been amazing we had a whole shrub in the garden draped in them, nature is so clever. The gloves will certainly come in useful.

  2. How amazingly perfect the second web is!

    LOVE the finished blanket :)

  3. Love the new banner :) And your blanket (star of the banner) is GORGEOUS!

  4. You really have made an excellent job of your blanket. Great choice of colours and edging. What shade did you use as your main yarn? Hoping to start my blanket on the aeroplane, should be able to make a few squares as a 9 hr flight.

  5. Love your new blanket banner, the blanket looks stunning I love the colours and the border frames it perfectly, you must be so happy.

  6. What a beautiful blanket. I love that variegated yarn you used, the colours are so rich and jewel-like. x