Friday, 7 February 2014


Every year without fail my Dad tells me that on the day I was born, there was a blizzard.
Also, he tells me, on the day I was born there was a train crash at Dagenham East railway station due to heavy fog and he couldn't get an ambulance to take my mum (and me!) to hospital.
I did actually look this up on the internet the other day and the accident occurred a couple of days before I was born, so I've assumed I took a little while to actually make my entrance.

February can be such a gloomy month to have a birthday.
It's usually cold, sometimes snowy, sometimes foggy and more often than not, pretty wet.

Shops are full of end of sale items, the things that you knew nobody would buy when they originally arrived on the shop floor many weeks ago.
My friend and I often comment when we go shopping, 
"who have they made this for?"
"who chose this colour combination?"
and we also often say,
"that's destined for the sale!"

At least the new spring ranges are coming into the shops which are screaming "buy me!"
But what's the point of doing that unless they come with matching galoshes.

However my February birthday was quite the opposite to gloomy.
A lovely meal out with my family and lots of nice little treats.

I have been given a new friend. This happy peacock who is currently sitting on my dining room table has been watching the rain out of the window since yesterday afternoon.
How can I put him outside?
He's to be a garden solar light but we've currently got no solar!

This lovely cup of grape hyacinths were given to me by my grand daughters. They are certainly cheering up the kitchen window sill.

And a very apt gift, a new knitting bag.
This is from Kelly Connor Designs 
Already full and in use.

All lovely gifts, to make me smile!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy February Birthday! I'm glad you had a nice day. I love that knitting bag! I have a February birthday too, and I kind of like having it in this month. It makes it seem a little less dreary. :-)

  2. Love the cup and the knitting bag, you'll keep that filled I'm sure.x

  3. Some lovely presents, looking forward to catching up with a post birthday lunch. Thought you might have had a special delivery on your birthday. How is the knitting coming along?

  4. Happy Birthday, It's my birthday next Friday and yes it is often rotten weather. You have got some beautiful presents there and I especially love the peacock. Have a great day :)

  5. How lovely - glad you enjoyed YOUR day xx

  6. A belated Happy Birthday from me. I do hope you are managing to stay dry and warm in this year's extreme February weather x

  7. Happy birthday, what lovely really glad you enjoyed your day

  8. Happy birthday! I am also a February birthday and I'm glad to have something fun to cheer up an otherwise tedious month. I love that knitting bag, it's great. x