Thursday, 30 January 2014


I had finished my knitting and sewing projects yesterday evening and as I stood today in the kitchen  baking a sponge to pop in the freezer for my daughter in laws birthday I kept looking out of the rain splattered windows willing the postman to arrive.

Time is ticking on now and as we nearly enter February my grandson's birth is imminent.
Can I make and finish just one more thing for him ready for his arrival?

Well, as you can see the postman has just delivered my parcel of yarn from Wool Warehouse, Drops Eskimo. This is quite a chunky yarn so hopefully it will knit up quickly. I also treated myself to a new 10mm circular needle and double ended crochet hook.

I do think I should recycle some of my old needles but when I looked in my bag last night, lots of mine were originally my mum's and my friend's mum's and I just can't seem to part with them.
I've also got my mum's old patterns too, garments she used to knit for me and my children.

How can I part with those?

Are you the same?

Now as my house fills with the delicious smells of sponge cake I'm going to have an afternoon in front  of the tv with my new yarn, needles and pattern.


  1. He's going to be a very warm baby with all the knitting you've been doing. And yes I'm the same I have my Mum's knitting needles and patterns, but not that I have her dress patterns too, so that means I have Auntie Audrey's wedding dress our brides maid dress and my own wedding dress patterns. As well as those I have patterns from the 1950's to about the 1980's. I'm thinking of opening a museum fancy donating some stuff?

    1. I'm willing to donate, as long as the museum is at yours!
      Mind you, we could just have an exhibition?

  2. That sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon, I must say! I have loads of my grandma's knitting needles and hooks and it makes me so happy that I have them and use them. Hang on to your needles and hooks, as you may be able to pass them on to a crafty grandchild at some point in the future. x

  3. Yes I am the same how can we part with our history I even have my gran's broken crochet hook, jusr cant part with something she held .
    Oh I cant wait to see what you will be making. I have never used drops eskimo please le me know what it is like. I do love the drops range. It is such a great brand the drops alpaca is so soft .