Tuesday, 22 April 2014


It always surprises me that even though we've lived where we do for so many years we can still find new places to visit not that far from home. 
After our easter sunday was completely washed out by rain, we weren't sure if our plans for Monday would go ahead but we set off armed with stout shoes and rain gear in the boot of the car and drove to East Bergholt right up on the border of Essex and Suffolk to visit the garden and arboretum at East Bergholt Place.  We were lucky. The sun shone, it was warm, hardly a breeze and the rain stayed away until we were back at home in the evening.
We had a lovely walk in the gardens, sat outside their little cafe to enjoy tea and cake and then browsed their extensive plant shop and purchased just a few bits and bobs for our garden.

Leaving East Bergholt we then drove up to Woodbridge in Suffolk for any ice-cream and a wander along by the river. It was a little more blustery there but still really pleasant.

We had quite a lazy easter in the end, plans for putting in a new loft ladder and buying wood to make a new back gate didn't actually happen but we weren't too bothered. Sometimes it's nice to take the days as they come. Michael sailed on Friday and rowed on Saturday. I pottered in the garden and managed to finish Charlotte's jacket in time for Sunday when we had the family here for dinner.

Both girls really liked the jackets and they put them on straightaway. It wasn't until they went home that I remembered I hadn't taken a photo of them which is a shame because they really looked nice especially from the back, I'll try and remember next time they wear them. I also have to say they equally enjoyed all their easter eggs.


  1. I love finding new places on our doorstep. Looking back through your blog it looks like we overlap quite a bit on the places we visit

  2. Sounds like a lovely relaxing time.

  3. What beautiful knitting! And lovely seaside photos too, it all sounds very relaxed and pleasant. x

  4. Some very beautiful knitting, can you point me in the direction of the pattern It is so cute. Sounds like you had perfect day I visited a massive gardening club that houses thousands of plants I only have balcony and came back with lavender, thyme, oregano and rosemary. When the wind blows I get a whiff of these delightful herbs and it sends me straight into the kitchen to cook. You are very blessed to have a garden
    Oh Jacqueline your photos are superb

    1. The pattern is Wonderwave by Drops knitted in muscat

  5. Lovely to see Woodbridge, we have friends who live nearby. Although once while there some school kids threw an open bottle of water at us out of a school bus window and we got very wet!

    Gorgeous little jackets Jacqueline :)