Sunday, 27 April 2014


Once upon a time, long, long ago there were four of us living here in this house. Then as time went on our children left home one after the other and it became just the two of us. It's funny how you quickly get used to that so that when you're back to four in the house again it takes some getting used to.
Our daughter and son in law have been staying here this past week and will be here into next as well while they have a new bathroom fitted. We have been bumbling and rumbling along quite nicely together but all I seem to be thinking about is what to buy to eat, what to cook to eat and what time should I cook it? It's not like that when it's just the two of us!

Knitting has ground to a halt this week but if nothing else I have managed to keep up my early morning swimming and walking regime and on Thursday it was such a beautiful still morning that I walked for well over an hour and a half, stopping to capture these photos as I went.

These little ducklings are the first I've seen on the canal this year.

I must add though that it was very nice to get back from my walk to find the kitchen cleared, the dishwasher emptied, all put away and tidy.  A big thank you for my daughter for doing that!

This is a very quick post this week but before I go I must mention this exhibition. Kate and I went along yesterday afternoon and saw some really impressive work. If you are a reader of my blog and are in this area, do pop along if you can and give the group your support!


  1. glorious photos :) Our house is getting to the feeling rather full stage now my boys are bigger than me!

  2. I can really identify with this post! When I have my kids and their spouses home for a visit it seems like everything revolves around food. Planning, buying, preparing, and cleaning up after consuming it - it's a never-ending job. But like you have noted it's nice to see how they pitch in and help now that they are older. Enjoy the rest of your time with them!

  3. I love having family to stay but it is lovely when it back to just the two of us. Everything stays where you put it and we eat a whole lot less! Love your walk photos too

  4. Can you please send your daughter my way please. It would be lovely to just one day come home and hey presto the dishwasher and around the sink is packed.
    Your walk looks wonderful , your photography is very clear and captures the scenes so perfectly.
    Enjoy your week

  5. Beautiful photos of your early morning walk. It's always strange having house guest for a long time, no matter how much you love them. x