Saturday, 13 September 2014


My two models, one of them being rather a wriggler, love their new dresses. I have to say a huge thank you to my friend Diane who was so patient with me and helped me all along the way from cutting out  the fabric to finishing.
I'm very pleased with them and I am now feeling much more confident using my sewing machine.
 Jolly good job really because I have new projects to make in the pipe line.

I've also finished this baby blanket this week. It's been sitting there waiting for the border to be crocheted for quite a few days. I think this was because I really wasn't sure if the off white border would look right but now I've done it, I really like it.

I hope the new parents like it too!

I do try to have fresh flowers in the house throughout the year but since the beginning of summer have resisted buying any as I've been picking my own sweet peas and dahlias.
Last Friday I was tempted by some lovely asters in M&S that filled 2 vases.
Then on Saturday my son in law gave me a lovely bunch of flowers as a thank you for darning two jumpers. 
(I know, I'm becoming a sewing geek!)
All of these flowers are still looking good today!

So on Tuesday when there was a knock on the door I couldn't believe it, more beautiful flowers.
A re shuffle of vases was a necessity!

This lovely arrangement was sent to us because my husband has been at work for 40 years.
Sorry for the cliche, but where has all that time gone!

Also this week, having been reading Heldasland's blog I decided to have a play at making a collage for a new banner for my blog. For me, doing something like this is a time consuming event. I start off having a little dabble here and a little dabble there and then before I know it an hour or two has passed and I have a revamped blog with a partially completed banner and then a mad rush to get out of the house to go and do the food shopping.
I shall leave it as it is for a while, I do quite like it.

Now to reveal my new challenge. I have been patiently waiting for this yarn delivery
but today it has finally arrived.

I'm joining the chevron craze, can't wait to start.
I'm making a new blanket for Kate's soon to be decorated lounge.
She wants it finished by tomorrow but we've had a compromise and agreed I'll finish it by christmas.
I shall be getting underway later today after I've done some tidying in the garden, my sweet peas sadly have finally stopped flowering!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It was lovely to have fun together. You were not the novice stitcher I was expecting. Congratulations on making two lovely dresses. Do you have a chevron pattern to knit, there are some great ones on a Ravelry. I would love to see it before you deliver it to Kate.

  2. I love the renewed look to your blog - and those little models look gorgeous in their new dresses - well done they look excellent :)

  3. Well done all round. I love fresh flowers in the house, even a vase of foliage just cheers the place up. Great colour choice for the chevron blanket, look forward to watching your progress

  4. Just look at that package of yarn, that's going to be fun! I hope you like the chevron pattern, I found it really addictive to make. The dresses look beautiful too. x