Thursday, 4 September 2014


I can remember it all so well, my first day at school. 
When I was 5 going to any pre-school, nursery or playgroup was unheard of.
On that day when my mum waved goodbye at the classroom door, it was a very new bewildering experience for me and it was on that very day that I found my first friend.

Throughout all of my primary education Gaye and I were inseparable. Sometimes we loved each other and other times we fell out big time. I remember once when we both had to go to the headmaster's office because we'd been fighting in the playground for something or other.
We were both horrified as by this time we'd made up again and so were quite distraught when he gave us 50 lines each, saying how sorry we were and we would not fight again.
Unfortunately for me I didn't have my listening ears with me and couldn't remember what I had to write so I wrote 50 lines saying - I'm sorry I fighted with my friend.
That got me into even more trouble and more lines, oh when I look back, it does make me laugh!

When I was 11 my family moved away and my friendship with Gaye continued through our teenage years but sadly since then we have just kept in contact on birthdays and at christmas.

So fast forwarding all those years until today, another day in September.

Venue RHS Hyde

The gardens looked stunning!

Some of the newer beds and borders looked amazing

the different shades of green and

the late flowering sedums and the grasses were at their best.

Lunch was long and lingering.
The conversation, non stop.

Two friends, who met one September

enjoyed such a perfect day.

I don't know what you fink but I fink my spelling has really come on over the years!


  1. How special to have a friendship that lasts this long x

  2. As you say a perfect day out, take a gold star

  3. And I bet it was like you only saw each other yesterday :)

  4. How lovely to rekindle a friendship after all that time. Some friendships really do last for years, don't they. x

  5. How wonderful I love your tale. You both look gorgeous

  6. How lovely. My best friend at infant school was also called Gaye, but sadly we have long since lost touch.