Thursday, 6 November 2014


On Friday, our bag packed in the car, we set off to drive up to Scotland. Unfortunately we left a lot later than planned so we joined heavy traffic up the A1 but thankfully my crochet was in reach and I managed to start and nearly finish a hat for Jack for christmas. Unfortunately, (again!) I had made a gigantic mistake, I think probably after I'd dropped the crochet hook. It had slid down the side of my seat, laying at finger tip reach. After plenty of guts and determination to retrieve it and fading light, I crocheted on only to find far more stitches than I started with and in the end I ended up undoing it all when I got to our hotel.

We were up in Scotland to attend a surprise 60th birthday for a friend of ours, my family and hers had been the best of friends for nearly 50 years. She didn't guess a thing about the party so was so surprised and then a short time after doubly surprised to see me sitting there too.

It was a really lovely evening and so nice to catch up, laugh and reminisce about old times.

While we were away we drove over to the coast, here at Largs we watched a ferry head off on its journey to one of the islands. I wondered if the people waiting to board were returning home or perhaps they were visiting, working even. Who knows, I'm just always intrigued by ferries and their travellers.

Moving down the coast we stopped at Ayr for a brisk walk. Michael wandered along the beach picking up small pieces of driftwood to go with our collection we have at home. I'm hoping we'll now have enough to make a table lamp base for our lounge. I remain ever hopeful that this little project will be completed over the winter.

Our few days in Scotland were over so quickly but we did have a wonderful time. On the way home, I remade the hat and since being back I have nearly finished another and made a dishcloth. I'll post some pictures in my next post.


  1. A lovely post Jacquline, looking forward to seeing the photos of the finished projects.

  2. I always, ALWAYS, drop my crochet hook in the car and can never find it until we stop. I keep meaning to get some of those hooks with the thicker handles, so it's easier to locate! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. x

  3. Great to have such a friendship, we too have friends that we have known from childhood, precious. Love the photo of Ayr, I too have friends that live there, a visit is long overdue

  4. How wonderful that beach looks, nothing much beats walking by the sea in winter does it, except possibly surprise parties for old friends :)