Thursday, 23 October 2014


It's Thursday and I have a nice day planned ahead of me. I'm looking after my grandson Jack while his mum has a well deserved spa day. After giving him his breakfast I thought I'd start our play day by introducing him to the art of blog writing.  He is sitting on the floor next to me eating his bricks and trying to pull the tail off of his cuddly giraffe while I catch up with my news.

I thought I'd show you this picture first and wonder if you may be thinking I'm dabbling in a new art venture?

But no, not at all. This is all courtesy of our lawn mower on Saturday which must have picked up a stone and threw it with all its force at the patio doors. Not a sound was heard, we only noticed it when I went outside to peg some washing out and to wipe off a self portrait of a pigeon which had arrived on the same doors a few days before.

The window man has been, the glass measured and hopefully all will be back to normal sometime next week.

My parcel has now been opened and all of this yarn is to make Jack a chevron crocheted car seat blanket and you may be thinking that is a lot of balls of wool.

And if you are thinking that, then you are right. I must have had some kind of calculating crisis because I ordered way too much. Fortunately, we have another grandchild on the way, unfortunately we don't know whether it will be a boy or a girl, so colours could be an issue.  I have definitely got enough yarn to make another and possibly another one after that!

I've had more mishaps this week, so I definitely feel I've had my fair share!

I have an american style fridge freezer and yesterday I went to open the freezer and realised the door hadn't closed properly since it had been opened the night before. Normally, the freezer bleeps when the door is left open but it wasn't open far enough for that to happen. We were lucky, the meat had remained frozen and the stuff in the drawers at the bottom were ok too, it was just everything else that was on the soggy side and 2 boxes of liquid ice-cream flowed down the drain a treat!

Mishaps always seem to occur  here when I haven't got a great amount of time to deal with them.
Why this morning when I knew Jack was arriving I had to pop just a few bits in the machine for a quick wash I'll never know but that's what I did and in with those few things popped a hidden tissue of the variety that shreds to pieces. Lovely!

I'm hoping the rest of my day goes smoothly, Jack is now having a nap and I'm going to make myself a coffee. I have a friend calling in in a short while and we're heading off to the tea room by the river for some lunch. As well as teaching Jack the art of blog writing I feel he should also be introduced to the term " the ladies who lunch!"


  1. Our fridge freezer has doors that do the same thing! It's quite frustrating, and makes me wonder about whoever designed the alarm. I'm sorry you have had several mishaps. You're right - they tend to happen when we least have the time to deal with them.

  2. Our freezer has done that before - I loathe throwing food away at the best of times, it made me so mad. And yes, tissues in the washing seem to be a weekly occurrence here too. Your cracked window is very dramatic, and strangely beautiful. It's a wonder it didn't all shatter into pieces! x

  3. Oh you have such a beautiful 'art instillation'....I love the way it reflects and frames your garden! Shame it was a rather expensive one! Strange that it didn't make a sound as it fractured into those almost mosaic pieces. We've had similar freezer issues too, our freezer is in front of it's own plug and one day when cleaning I pushed the freezer further back than I should and switched it off, the next day when there was a rather large puddle on the floor and a freezer full of soft food! Urgh!

  4. Your broken door looks very artistic. I too over estimated the yarn I needed for my chevron blanket, still knitting up the leftovers, but it never goes to waste. Hope you have a better week, you certainly have had your fair share of problems. I hope Jack enjoyed his lunch

  5. Well it just sounds like an ordinary day to me - defrosting food and tissues in the wash (my bug bear!) Hope Jack appreciated the niceties of the tea room! Nice to meet you x Jane

  6. I m sorry about your window but it does look rather pretty. I hear you about the shredded tissue. Have you noticed it always happens when you wash blacks. Hope you have a lovely week

  7. Tissues in the wash are the bane of my life ... I always check pockets to make sure they're empty but my youngest has a nasty habit of tucking them up his sleeves.

    Blogging and lunch with friends ... it sounds to me like Jack got a good play day deal there!