Thursday, 11 December 2014


Here is our christmas tree!

Outside it looks huge
and inside I feel it's going to look even huger!
(I wasn't sure if huger was a word but according to google it is so I'm using it!)

What swayed me to choose this one from all the others at the garden centre is that it still has a few cones on the top. 
Michael and I as always had our normal christmas banter as we paced along the rows of christmas trees.

"That's enormous, have you any idea how large that's going to look in our lounge!"
My reply, "It'll be fine, I like a tall tree!"
"Oh no it isn't, not when you've cut it and trimmed it a little, it'll be perfect!"

We left the garden centre with the tree.

So now we have the tree in the garden. We do have a slight problem in that the patio doors aren't opening as well as they should but by the weekend this should be sorted and the tree will appear in the lounge ready to be decorated.

On Tuesday I moved the lounge round leaving the gap ready for the tree, looking for those extra inches of floor space that are never going to be there!
Am I the only one that does this?

Once the tree is decorated and the christmas cards are opened I will hopefully then start to feel a little more festive!

Next time fingers crossed I'll have some photos of my decorated tree to show you.


  1. Lovely tree, we are going for ours on Sunday, we always go big then wonder how it will fit!!

  2. So many bloggers seem to be struggling to feel properly festive this year, it must be something in the air.

    That tree really is huger!!