Monday, 1 December 2014


On Friday when I did my shopping in town, I joked with my butcher.
"Am I going to get 20% of my pound of sausages today?" I asked.
"Ah no, sorry" was his reply. 
We laughed!

Thankfully the rest of Friday passed quietly in the little market town where I live but following on from Black Friday I decided to create my very own Productive Saturday. 

When Kate asked me to make her this chevron blanket she did say she would really like it to be finished to coincide with the completion of her newly decorated lounge.

While the decorating is yet to be finished, I am very pleased to say the blanket is!
One job finished off my "to do" list.

Now I'm sorry but I am going to blow my own trumpet here. I am so pleased with my christmas stockings.  I did fly into panic mode on Saturday morning when I found my marker pen had dried out completely and attaching the labels was my first planned job of the day.

Thankfully my husband came to my rescue. Coming in from the garage he made us a coffee, plied me with one of those nice biscuits from M& S and grabbing a pencil and paper redisgned how I was going to attach the tags.

So I must say a huge thank you to him as his new idea is so much better than mine ever was. The 3 double sided tags are on the side ready to be written on with my new marker and then I just have to slot the little hanging down strips into each of them and hand stitch them to make them secure.

I lined the stockings with a piece of flanelette sheet, to make them a little thicker which I bought so cheaply from Poundland and then put in a blue lining for Jacks and red for the girls.

All I hope is that Father Christmas has enough toys on his sleigh on the 24th to fill them up!
Hope you all have a great week!


  1. The blanket is beautiful! And I love the Christmas stockings! I'm glad your husband was able to come to your rescue. :-)

  2. Trumpet well blown! Lovely blanket and stockings :)

  3. I hope you daughter is really happy with the blanket it turned out so well, also the stocking are brilliant

  4. The stockings and blanket are brilliant I'm sure they'll all be delighted with them!

  5. Wow! Really impressed with your work and Michael's design skills. Hope I get to see the blanket before you give it to Kate x