Saturday, 25 April 2015


There is blossom on our cherry tree which we planted against our garage wall last autumn. We're hoping to train it into a fan shape as time goes on. This is the small area in the garden where we have grown vegetables in the past, mainly being courgettes and runner beans. We had decided against growing any this year but we found a packet of courgette seeds in the garage and Michael thought it a shame if we didn't give them a go so they've been sown into pots and are currently in the greenhouse.
If we get a couple of good plants from these we'll have them in pots on the patio through the summer and hopefully we'll eventually have some nice homegrown courgettes.

Last Sunday afternoon we went for a long walk along the seawall and Michael took his new camera along. We found plenty of blossom in the hedgerows too!

And I finished the rag doll for our grand daughter Jessica this week. Lots of names were bandied around, Rosie being one of them but Jessica finally decided that she would be called Blossom.

Hasn't Blossom got huge, bold eyes?

In the book where I got the pattern from there was also a boy doll and when Jessica first saw the book she only wanted the girl . However now she has her she has told me she can't wait for Blossom to have her friend so good old Granny has got another one to make.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend and wherever you are you find some sunshine!


  1. Blossom is a cutie :) Looking forward to seeing her little friend :)

  2. The doll is amazing and definitely needs a friend. X

  3. I agree with the other comments, she's certainly cute. Interested to see her friend and even more interested to know what he'll be named!!!!

  4. why can't we throw seed away? I found beans and courgette and ended up planting them, even though we decided not to bother this year! They will be added to a border somewhere. Your doll is cute and needs a friend

  5. I think Blossom is a perfect name for your doll. Lovely blossom photos, I've really enjoyed seeing it everywhere this spring. x