Wednesday, 21 October 2015


As September ebbed away we had a lovely weekend at Malham Cove and Yarndale.
Purchases were obviously made for lots of projects I have in mind.

Then we were off again.
With a pretty smart hire car at our disposal we saw mainly beautiful blue skies

and plenty of glorious sunsets.

A work shop with boats waiting to be restored, this time NOT our garage but,

at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.

Gorgeous views of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.
My son in law has now got this golf course on his "I must play at" list.

The changing colours of the fall in Vermont.

Pumpkins here, there and everywhere.  These, moderately large, 

this one, enormous! In the region of 1383lb, I believe.
How much soup could you make with that?

 Then, the hump back whales off of Cape Cod
who didn't want to come and see us the first time we went out when in Boothbay Harbor Maine but,

the second time............!
Well, they were just amazing.

Finally, into Boston for a a spot of sightseeing and retail therapy.

We loved it all!


  1. Some wonderful photos and love the car. Looking forward to hearing all the details tomorrow.

  2. Right I need another trip to the US, looks like you had an amazing time, lucky you

  3. Oh how exciting! Such wonderful adventures and photos :)

  4. wow, what a lovely car , the views look stunning. How lucky and how very kind of the beautiful whale putting a display for you. Glad you had a wonderful time.
    I cant wait to see your Yarndale pictures.

  5. Lovely photos , so pleased you had such a brilliant time!

  6. Wow! It looks like you had the best time!!

  7. Oh gosh! I just popped here for a catch up and I see you've been away doing the most amazing things. Terrific photos, I am very jealous. Seeing the "fall colours" of North East US is something I've always wanted to do.