Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Sunday dawned and it was quite gloomy, the fog lingered throughout the day. Yet, we felt the need to get out and stretch our legs so we went up to the town and wandered down by the river.  
There were lots of people about, some families picnicking, others taking their boats out.
Both, we thought were strange things to do as in some places you could hardly see in front of your noses. 
We guessed the families were on a promised day out and no one ever wants to disappoint their youngsters, but the sailors, we really couldn't fathom why they were heading down the river.

Just a couple of weeks ago we were driving through New England in brilliant sunshine enjoying the beautiful changing colours of the leaves

and this weekend I only had to walk out of my back door in foggy Essex to see the beautiful autumnal colours of our acer covered with cobwebs. This acer has been in a pot on the patio for a few years now but I can never remember the changing leaves being quite as red as they are this year. It really is so vibrant.

We enjoyed a quiet peaceful weekend. There was nothing much to do in the garden, just a few leaves to be picked up so, while my husband headed to his garage to work on his boat, I baked christmas cakes and put the finishing touches to this baby blanket which I crocheted in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk. This is the same pattern I made for Alfred and it is so soft. I highly recommend the pattern and it can be found here. Heldasland

This blanket I have made for my friends first grandchild, baby Frank and I hope he finds it as snuggly and warm as Alfred does.  I'm now back to knitting and on my second hat since the weekend, pictures will follow in my next post.

Have a great week!


  1. I think the trees are actually really colourful this year, our red acer looks amazing and has held onto its leaves for quite a while. Great blanket perfect boy colours

  2. The next baby blanket on my to-do-list, hoping to start next week. Still to tackle hats, I think I need a lesson. Great photos, especially the mist!

  3. We have had a strange mix of extremely warm and sunny followed by thick mist - making it quite difficult to drive to work. That blanket looks super snuggly xx

  4. This is my first visit to your pretty blog, Jacqueline. I love foggy photos, they have such an air of mystery.