Sunday, 26 June 2016


Knitting in this house is progressing oh so slowly. Here is how I've got on so far with my 10 stitch blanket. I love it and  know that it is going to keep me nice and warm and cosy in the autumn/winter months. However, most evenings when I get it out to knit a few rows it makes my knees a little too toasty for comfort. Hence, its slow progress!

On Thursday we had the most awful weather here in this part of the UK. The rain was torrential, many roads were flooded including the one and only road that leads into our village. Thankfully my car sits high enough that I could drive through it but it didn't make for pleasant driving. I took my grand daughters to school in the morning and the journey home that normally would take under 10 minutes took me 1hour 10 mins.

On Friday the rain held off and there was some sunshine, we were going to have a day at Goodwood West Sussex for the Festival of Speed. I was prepared for all eventualities, sketchers, espadrilles, flip flops and wellington boots, all packed in the car. Thankfully, though it was muddy in many places, it wasn't squelchy mud and I got through the day swapping espadrilles for sketchers at different parts of the proceedings.

Hubby took over a 1000 photos on the day but I've picked just a few to show you.

Standing under that monument and looking up made me feel quite woozy as the car overhead seemed to swing back and forth. It was  most definitely the car moving and not the couple of glasses of champagne I'd had before lunch.

There was plenty to see during the day and the red arrows arrived and gave their usual spectacular display.

After all the noise of Friday it was nice to take a detour on the way home yesterday to visit Sissinghurst Castle in Kent. It was very peaceful and quiet there but unfortunately the rain just wouldn't stay away and it lashed it down yet again. 

Fortunately we did get to see most of the garden before the rains came and lunch was very nice in the restaurant.
Home again last night, the road to our village was still flooded but thankfully the water has gone down today. Everything in our garden is sodden and the poor foxgloves have given up the fight, I don't think I've ever seen it as green and lush at this time of the year. 

Keep smiling everyone, the sun will eventually shine!


  1. We are having hideous weather this year. As you say the gardens are green but not much else all the flowers are spoiling.

  2. Ooh lucky Hubby, my three boys watched it on TV and thoroughly enjoyed it. we'v had rain too, but not as much as you and although it has been wet again today, we did have lovely flashes of sunshine in between. xx

  3. I've never heard of a Festival of Speed. Looks like a fun day out.

  4. My boys watched the programme on TV about Goodwood and were most envious you'd visited in person x