Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Along came July and with it a hive of activity. 

Michael's canoe took it's first trip out on the water and I think, though it needs a few tweaks here and there, it rowed well. I can't even begin to tell you how many hours he spent building it in the garage but they were hours well spent.

July is always a busy time here for birthdays, our son and our two grand daughters all celebrate in this month.

Jessica is a strawberry - holic so I made this cake for her. She loved it as I knew she would, it was packed full of strawberries.

Charlotte on the other hand designed her own cake and gave me clear instructions of what she wanted.

Not the prettiest of cakes but they were gobbled up soon enough!

We had a lovely weekend away in Shropshire and on the Saturday visited Powis Castle. Shropshire is certainly a beautiful county and one that I would definitely like to explore some more.

The resident peacock showed off his feathers

 and the peahen, her young.

I can't recall ever seeing baby peachicks before. I used to work for a lady once who had peafowl in her garden. She used to leave filet steak out for the foxes every night in the hope that if she fed them well, the foxes would leave her peacocks and hens alone. I'm not sure how successful that actually was but I do think we had some pretty fat and well fed foxes in the area.

There has been some progress with my knitted projects. The 10 stitch blanket has been put away for a while but I've made one sock for Alfred and the other is on the needle.  To be honest I'm just playing around with oddments of wool from my stash, I'm not really sure at the end of day if he's going to love a pair of green socks.

A lovely lady from my knit stitch and natter group gave me a few balls of aran wool on our last meet before breaking for summer. I really wanted to get on and make something with it to show her in September so I'm knitting this sleeveless sweater for Alfred.

July saw us enjoying our family, our garden and the great outdoors. Being able to sit outside in the evenings and have our dinner is a most welcome treat.

Summer is upon us at last, let's make the most if it and enjoy!


  1. It looks like July was a great month for you, so many good things to celebrate. Your photos of Shropshire have reminded me what a beautiful county it is.

  2. The boat looks great, I bet your husband is pleased with it. Hard to believe that July is gone

  3. love the story about the lady feeding the foxes! I have seen baby peahens before, you'd never guess that the boys would grow up to be so beautiful.

  4. You've been enjoying yourselves - cakes, canoes, castles - all the makings of a great summer :-)

  5. Hi Jacqueline, It has been such a long time since I visited your blog it seems we are so buay. Your husbands canoe is incredible. Love your baking, lately I have no time to cook dinner never might bake .you are amazing. Have a lovely weekend