Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Sometimes it's the little things in life that make your day.
After work this morning I had the pleasure of looking after my 3 yr old grand daughter while my daughter in law took her baby sister to her massage class.
What could we do to pass an hour or two?
"I want to feed the ducks, Granny" was the request. So I raided the freezer for bread and off we went along the canal edge to search for ducks.
Not visible straight away, we trudged along and she chatted quite happily.
Eventually we found some ducks taking in the sunshine on the opposite side of the canal, the bread enticed them over and she soon emptied the now defrosted bread into the water. The ducks had a good feed.
We finished our afternoon with some time in the playground. Swings, slides, roundabouts and climbing frames never go out of fashion.
She had a lovely time and so did I.

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  1. You've got some lovely images on your blog. And you are right you do live in a lovely place!