Friday, 2 October 2009


I can't believe that a week has passed since I walked along the seawall from Heybridge Basin to Goldhanger. My brother-in-law having just retired at 65 wanted to walk from Hoe Mill to Goldhanger, so he set off along the Chelmer and Blackwater canal towpath towards Heybridge Basin on Friday afternoon. What a glorious day to pick to complete the walk, the sun was shining and by the time he reached the Basin the tide was coming in.

My husband and I met up with him there and set off for Goldhanger. Once we had passed the caravans at Mill Beach and the last of the moored boats, Osea Island was in clear view. There wasn't even a breeze and considering it was the last Friday in September we were surprised at just how warm the sun was. As we headed into Goldhanger creek and over the field towards St. Peter's church, we were ready to quench our thirst. Thankfully, The Chequers is right next door and that's where we were headed, meeting up with family for a well deserved meal and drink. We really enjoyed our walk on Friday so deciding we should make the most of the lovely weather on Saturday afternoon my husband and I drove over to Holland-on-Sea. We could see in the distance Clacton pier and were surprised to see the paddle steamer Waverley moored at the far end. By the time we had walked into Clacton and down to the end of the pier the boat was about to sail. We stood for quite a while watching the last of the passengers rushing to get on board. By the time we had got back to the car the boat was well on its way on its return journey. I do enjoy a morning walk, leaving home just before 7am. On Thursday I was lucky to meet up with my neighbour on the seawall, so we paced it out together. We walked just beyond Osea Rd as we hoped to see the owl that is nesting in that area. No joy with that but we did see a grey Heron and a handful of Brent Geese.
I really appreciate living here, I can walk for miles along the coastal path and along the canal towpath - not a road in sight. Wonderful!

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