Saturday, 9 January 2010


My daughter Kate is a teacher and she hasn't been to work since Wednesday due to the closure of her school because of the bad weather. So, yesterday morning we both braved the cold and went for a long walk. The snow was quite thick and pleasant to walk on. Not icey at all. The sun even came out and by the afternoon the snow was beginning to thaw.
This morning we woke up to an additional blanket of snow and this afternoon we have blizzard conditions. I took an excellent picture to show you but my little grand daughter Jessica is getting fed up playing on the floor on her own and is craving some attention. So, you will have to just imagine how awful the weather is here for the time being while I go off and sing the odd nursery rhyme or two.
Can you sing Frostie the Snowman in January?

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  1. All these lovely photos are very inspirational for a textile project!