Sunday, 24 January 2010


This photo has been laying in an old shoe box in the back of the cupboard for sometime now and it's a shame that it has been damaged. When I got it out today, it did make me smile, the little boy and the St.Bernard, hardly any difference in height or stature.
I first met Roger in the '70's. On introduction he seemed a quiet man, a very large man but certainly not a man of many words. Prior to meeting, I was told by others, not to expect too much in the way of conversation. I found that strange, I come from a large extended family, who talk incessantly.
Over the years, I got used to his lack of words and he got used to my over active chatter. He was always around to lend anyone a helping hand and I was always around to help him.
Roger passed away yesterday, aged 62. This quiet, private man was taken from us by the ravages of cancer.
He was Michael's brother, Kate's god father, Robert's uncle and my friend.
We will all miss him but at least we now know he is suffering no more pain.
God bless!


  1. You know I'm really sorry for your loss, Roger was loved and he'll be missed.

  2. Our thoughts are with all of you. Howard will agree with the talking, he commented that he is going to buy me a zip for my mouth after you left yesterday. Might get him ear plugs for next Saturday.