Saturday, 16 January 2010


Have your jaws dropped in awe?

Well, hoist them up again, a slight exaggeration on my part.

We did spend some money at the London Boat Show but only enough for 2 orange juices, 2 bagels and 2 small coffees.

As you can see we really pushed the boat out today. [Sorry about my choice of wording!]

Kate gave Michael the tickets as a Christmas present and we did enjoy wandering around eyeing up the boats that were well out of our price range and the odd one's that were, the feasibility of getting in and out of them without falling overboard.

Thanks Kate for a really nice day.

Mmm Kate and her partner Peter, they're staying with us while they decorate their new house which is fine. Then on Thursday night when we should have all been sleeping peacefully there were screaks of alarm, we had a major incident to contend with. Kate had managed, don't ask me how, to smash a bottle of red wine all over the bed. It soaked right through the duvet and then on right through the mattress. It was pandemonium, my teeth were gritted together so hard, I thought I'd need a crowbar to prise them open. Still, no harm done I suppose and I was very pleased that my lively temper was kept well and truly under wraps.

I wonder what will happen next week?

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  1. Wonder what would have happened if you did the same thing whilst staying at Kate's?