Monday, 19 July 2010


Here is another one of my little creations!
I made the princess castle cake at the weekend for Charlotte's 4th birthday and Jessica's 1st party. Believe it or not, I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out. Charlotte loved it and her party, Jessica slept through the whole event.
All the children who came and some of the adults wore fancy dress, Charlotte as a princess and Jessica in a minnie mouse looking outfit without the ears. Michael and I went along as Ben & Holly [the elf and the fairy princess!!], from Nick Jnr fame. However it wasn't long before we both shed our hats and my wand and not much after that when I got Michael to chop my wings off. It was too hot for all that malarkey!
You may well think, we're complete and utter nutters but when you become grandparents you do start to do some odd things. Our daughter Kate's first words as she entered the hall yesterday were -"You both look completely ridiculous!"
Well, all I can say is we tried!

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  1. I think the cake looks wonderful, Jessica and Charlotte are two very lucky little girls! You and Michael really do get into the spirit of the occasion don't you. Cant wait to see the photo's, not on your blog though, that would be just to much. Just noticed you've changed your blog I like it. x