Thursday, 22 July 2010


I went on my first early morning walk of the summer today. What with my knee problems earlier this year and the amount of mornings I've spent invigilating exams since May I haven't had a chance to get out up on the sea wall to enjoy this view.
I started off at a reasonable pace but after just half an hour I decided to walk slowly back. My knee was fine, I just felt my stamina was lacking. I really enjoyed it though. I always carry my phone when I'm out walking but today I made sure it was on silent, I didn't want the lively strains of Hairsprays - "You can't stop the beat" to penetrate the silence.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a short game of badminton. The lady I play with is in her 70's and she wins virtually every game we play, even though I'm the one who normally runs around the court. Could be interesting in the morning, we'll both be standing facing each other, neither of us moving expect for our arms wielding the racket, in the hope of hitting the shuttlecock. From a distance it'll probably look like we're sending semaphore messages to each other. So, we may not actually be burning off excess calories but the way I look at it at least I'll be doing abit of core strengthening and hopefully reduce my upper arm flab!


  1. lovely photo, have a good game tomorrow.

  2. How early, is early? Might join you!

  3. Diane went out just before 7 today and you're very welcome to come along. No problem if you would like to go a little later, that means I get to have a lie in!