Tuesday, 27 July 2010


My Dream
A slow drive on Sunday over to the Kent coast and perhaps a nice meal in a fish restaurant. Then maybe a slow walk along the beach hand in hand [OK, a stretch too far with the imagination!] but a sound possibility of a "99" before returning to the car and home.

A very slow cycle a long the country lanes to Goldhanger.

After a very enjoyable lunch and too much cider an even slower cycle back to Heybridge Basin along the sea wall. Hand in hand, definitely not, far too hot and clammy for that.

However even though our cycling expedition was on the slow side and even today, 2 days on, I feel that the purchase of a new saddle is a priority, I'm loathe to admit, I enjoyed it. Once home and re-energized I got loads of knitting done and even baked scones for tea.


  1. what happened to the oysters in Whitstable?

  2. Don't know but as I said, I think it was all a dream. A bit like when Colin Firth climbed out of my shower!

  3. And an after thought Miriam. If you've seen Johnny Depp climbing out of your shower sorry, you were probably dreaming too!!