Friday, 21 January 2011


Meet Buster!
(I hasten to add - not mine!!!!!)

This little chap belongs to some friends and I met him for the first time today.
He is very tiny, really playful and two words which don't feature in my vocabulary very often - cute and adorable!
I think he's going to keep his new owners on their toes.

Since I last blogged I've been knitting as and when I can but I haven't actually managed to finish anything. I've still got the one sock to finish and now just one sleeve to finish for the pink baby jacket. The garment I've planned to knit for myself is still untouched in the bottom of my knitting bag.
Must crack on this coming weekend!


  1. Boy! January is nearly over you've got lots to do in the next week! I think there will be a lot of clicking of needles this weekend.

  2. Come on!!!! I must say, I thought OMG when I saw the picture, but as we have just had lunch today and you didn't mention getting a puppy I assumed it was Robert's. Pictures of completed articles soon, please!

  3. Sorry Diane, the puppy is lovely but not mine or Robert's.
    I will post pictures very soon of completed projects but they haven't reached the finishing line yet.