Monday, 3 January 2011


A belated happy new year from Supergran who is having to get to grips with a new computer and has found downloading photos to this blog a bit of a pain. At one stage about an hour ago I though I'd managed to get these pictures downloaded but was quite mystified to find a photo of a cat and an egg in there place. I don't know where they came from but thankfully I've moved on from that that error.
These were taken yesterday as Michael and I walked along to Walton on the Naze from Frinton on Sea. There were loads of people about, many with dogs, one with a horse but all probably the same as us, we just wanted to walk off Christmas, once and for all.

Not that I felt that we had eaten and drunk that much more than usual but as always all of our pre-christmas thoughts and ideas of plenty of long walks coupled with a few hours relaxing with a good book all went out the window. By new years day, with the christmas decorations now driving me up the wall and yet another afternoon 0f cooking, I couldn't wait to get out stretch my legs and blow 2010 right out of the window.

Our walk was lovely, plenty of chat about our new year's resolutions. Eat less, drink less, exercise more, decorate the lounge and little bedroom before springtime and plan in my head ONLY my new kitchen with appliances to boot. Mmmmmmm!
Anyway, with these resolutions in mind I declined the offer of my own bag of chips whilst in Walton and just tasted 2 from Michael's bag. Good aren't I?

So today, christmas & the new year over, I'm looking forward to 2011.


  1. Happy New Year to you both. A new kitchen sounds nice! You will need to work on that idea so that Michael thinks that it was his. X

  2. Funny Dave is planning a new kitchen too, funnily enough it's since we last saw you? I'm not I only mentioned a new cooker!!!!
    Happy New Year to you, hope you get to grips with your computer soon, the pictures were worth the struggle. I think you have a stutter button though though though. HAha

  3. Good luck with your socks! Be careful ~ they can be VERY addicting :)