Sunday, 9 January 2011


Yesterday I went over to the "Cheap Shop" in Tiptree and chose this lovely pink wool to knit the little Debbie Bliss baby jacket. This is for another one of Michael's work colleagues whose wife is due to give birth in the next 3 weeks.
I also ordered a ball of Yo Yo wool to knit myself a cardigan/jacket from the Knitting in No Time book that Kate bought me for Christmas. I nearly slumped over the counter when the assistant told me it was £20 a ball but regained my composure when we read the pattern and found that the balls of wool are in fact very large and I only need one.
My mother today exclaimed "What will you do if you run out of wool and it isn't quite finished?'
This wont be a problem I reassured her. The garment is knitted in one piece starting with the left sleeve. If I run out,the right sleeve will just be a little shorter.
As well as these two projects for January I've also got one sock to finish so, I will be kept busy.

On that note I must add that I need to be kept busy. Sorry but here's my first rant of 2011.

My itunes account has been hacked and five unauthorised payments of £30 have been taken from my credit card. Contacting itunes isn't the easiest in the world, only by email, with replies taking up to 48hrs. Now, being the calm person that I am, I can except this up to a point.
But, I notified them on Wednesday, I received a reply late on Thursday asking for more information. I replied straight away and then on Saturday evening I got a two line response.

There are no unauthorised charges on your account.
and then
Have a nice day.

I'm still waiting to receive a reply to my reply about that!

Thankfully my credit card company are on the case, but it's all hassle that I could do without.

For those of you that haven't turned off yet, thank you for listening, for those that have, I don't blame you!


  1. Not good! Don't worry about staying calm. Do you expect to finish all projects in January?

  2. Bl**dy hell that doesn't sound good rant away......
    The knitting projects sound as though they'll keep you out of mischief!

  3. Thank you Diane & Miriam for sticking with me and reading the last bit of my blog. I don't fully understand why I feel inclined to laugh at my present situation but I suppose my other alternative is to climb the wall and scream!!!!!!!