Sunday, 27 February 2011


I was so impressed with the swiss roll that Charlotte made on Wednesday, that I decided to try and have a go myself and made this chocolate one, filled with creme fraiche and strawberries.

I have all my family coming later for dinner and despite my protests of wanting to cook something simple that wouldn't take all day to prepare, I found myself baking earlier and now I'm in the throws of cooking a roast.

I also made these little lemon curd (tiptree jam) tarts but unfortunately most of the curd oozed out over the bottom of the oven but I'm hoping that with a dollop of cream they'll still taste lemony.
Referring back to my blog at the beginning of January re: the Sirdar yo yo jacket.
I'm now beginning to panic. The jacket is really growing. I'm on the second sleeve but the amount of wool left is rapidly decreasing and I may actually end up with this sleeve much shorter than the first. I have all my fingers crossed as the wool is discontinued and therefore it may be difficult to buy some more.
Will let you know later this week how I'm progressing.


  1. Great baking. Hope you manage to finish your knitting without running out of wool.

  2. Your baking looks delicious,I was on a diet until I read this post I adore lemon curd and must have some now,yes cream will be perfect

  3. Looks lovely, I bet there was a few pounds gained after that meal!!!