Monday, 7 February 2011


Michael and I spent the weekend in London.
On Friday evening we went to Claridges and eat in Gordon Ramsey's restaurant. We had a great time and really enjoyed the food and the experience, fine dining at its best!
On Saturday morning we walked through Green Park into St James Park and came across this charming fellow.

I asked Michael if he thought pelicans would hiss if you got too close, like geese do. He wasn't sure but miraculously the gathered crowd stepped back so I could take this picture.
The squirrels on this tree were also in a playful mood.

We went on to visit the Foundling museum - in Bloomsbury and saw the exhibition, Threads of Feeling. It was very interesting but it also made me feel quite sad and shocked. So many babies and small children were left there by their mother's all those years ago because they had no money and couldn't care for them themselves.
Children of today don't know how lucky they are!
Whoops, I'm sounding like my mother again!
Yesterday took us down the river Thames to Greenwich. There, we had a look around the maritime museum and then got blown up Blackheath to the observatory. It certainly was a windy day.
We had a good weekend, although we walked our socks off and most definitely eat too much food. We were very glad that my cousin Miriam pointed us in the direction of the Foundling museum, as it was previously unknown to us. From now on each time we are in London we will try and discover something new to visit.


  1. A fantastic weekend, I would have loved to have visited all the places you went to. See you on Saturday.

  2. Sounds as though you had a lovely time. Glad I could be of use, I haven't been to see the exhibition yet, hope to go with Michelle on the 25th February, must remember to take a box of tissues!