Wednesday, 23 March 2011


It was so lovely to open the back door this morning and feel the warmth of the sun. While I pegged some washing out you could hear the bees' buzzing as they darted in and around the cherry blossom.

A butterfly resting on the garage wall, opened it's wings to take in the sun's rays.

The magnolia is laden with buds. This is Charlotte's tree, we bought it for her when she was born, so it's nearly 5 years old. We've recently transported it to a tub in our garden ready for when Jo, Rob and the "girls" move to their new home. Eventually Rob wants it to grow big enough so that he can hang a rope ladder from it for Charlotte & Jessica to swing on. This was something he used to do as a little boy when he went to play in his grandparents garden.
We didn't have much hope for this particular magnolia at first, it seemed to be very slow growing. But, at last now it appears to be on the move in leaps and bounds.

These little tulips are new to my garden. I planted them so long ago that I'd forgotten what type and colour they were. Clusters of these yellow flowers have brightened up the borders.

What a beautiful day!


  1. I think they will have to wait a long time for the tree to be big enough to hang a swing on. But what a lovely idea.

  2. Hope the good weather is here to stay. A very poetic post!