Sunday, 27 March 2011


Yesterday Michael and I drove up to Woodbridge as he needed to return some boat moulds to Eversons boatyard. The boat in our garage continues to be "work in progress" but hopefully within the next year it should be looking more like this one, which has just been completed at Eversons.It was on the chilly side yesterday so we didn't wander too far along the river, that meant more time around the shops. There's a really good kitchen shop there which is well worth a browse. I bought myself a new casserole as I'm going to be doing plenty of cooking over the coming weeks when we're having our family together time!
We also stumbled upon a fairly new shop called Twist, which had a really beautiful knitted blanket in the window. Well, I quickly stumbled in there, I can tell you. Beautiful yarns, which I refrained from buying, (remember I'd just purchased a new casserole) but I did buy this book.

There are lots of lovely patterns in it, I haven't decided yet which one to make. First though, I need to finish my Debbie Bliss summer top and then I may well have to drive back to Woodbridge to get my wool, buttons and beads!


  1. The boats look a wonderful. well done you for not spending more in the yarn shop I'm hopeless.Cant wait to see your new top .

  2. I wouldn't mind a trip to Woodbridge if Michael is busy. X