Monday, 7 March 2011


I finished the Sirdar Yo Yo jacket yesterday and I'm sorry to say the jury is still out!

All the time I was knitting it up, I kept wondering a) how it would turn out and b) would I like it. Well, this is how it's turned out but as for liking it, I can't say.
The yarn feel's rather harsh and as you can see there isn't much shape to the whole thing.
I do still need to give it a little press and once I try it on with some jeans it may well look better. I suppose trying it over my night attire didn't do it much justice.
Still at least there is one positive note, both sleeves are the same length!

Yesterday morning Michael and I took Charlotte and Jessica out and we went along to the gardens at RHS Hyde Hall. They now have quite a lot of things for the children to do there and armed with leaflets for I spy, looking for birds and other wildlife and fauna, we set off and spent a good hour on our nature trail.
It was really chilly and by the time we'd worked our way round most of the garden we were grateful to get into the restaurant for a warm drink and cake.
The children loved looking at the fish in the pond, although Charlotte was a little disappointed, she was hoping to see an alligator!
Children do have such great imaginations.


  1. Well, I really like the jacket! What great grandparents you are, it was freezing yesterday, I would have curled up with a DVD and a hot drink indoors.

  2. I'm with Diane, I like the jacket!

  3. The jacket is gorgeous, I know what you mean about not being sure I felt that way with my shawl .Perhaps you should try it with a few different outfits you might be surprised.

  4. Love the jacket! I am a beginning knitter and I can't wait to tackle something like that! I am still working through scarves, bags, washcloths and the like :)