Friday, 29 July 2011


I promised a picture of my magnolia in bloom and here it is, the last one from the three buds that appeared this year. 

Life this week has been busy, busy, busy!
Though it didn't start out with that intention.

Monday saw me enjoying a leisurely visit to the Docklands Museum in London with friends to visit the pirates exhibition being held there.
After our swashbuckling adventure we chilled out in limited sunshine for a very nice relaxed lunch.

Tuesday came and so also should have the kitchen fitters!
Well, that didn't happen!

Wednesday - Granny day. Swimming, playing in the park, pom pom making and lunch courtesy of their Grandad, in the Lock Tiptree Jam Tearoom.
Not quite. Kitchen fitters in as well who tried to remedy our water leak and advised us that we are going to have to have two new cupboards. So for now, the  kitchen is just semi-finished.

On Thursday I took on the task of filling the kitchen cupboards that can be used. I certainly think I lost a few pounds carrying it all down the stairs. I've been storing most of the stuff in a spare bedroom and when it was put in there originally I had a husband who wasn't on crutches!

Today, Friday we have the painter in. The kitchen is now looking and working as a kitchen should.
I'm looking forward later to cooking a proper meal, drinking a small glass on wine, putting my feet up and grabbing for my knitting!


  1. What time should be round? Two new wool shops in Chelmsford, one in Gt Baddow (next to Russels restaurant) and another opening next week in Byron Rd. It is going to have a knitting club. There is an article in this weeks Essex Chronicle.

  2. All to you for Sunday lunch then!!!!!

  3. Steady Miriam, don't rush me!
    I haven't quite worked out yet how to work this, all singing, all dancing, new state of the art cooker!

  4. You are not supergran for nothing, you are so busy.Take it easy.Your magnolia is stunning