Sunday, 2 October 2011


There I was only a few days ago knitting fingerless mittens, hats and scarves for Charlotte & Jessica, considering whether to dust off my Ugg boots ready for the first snap of a colder climate, when, to my surprise flying around the corner came, not just a hint but a fall blown blast of summer. 

So here we are on the first Sunday of October stretching our legs for a lovely walk along the beach at East Mersea.
The beach was full of fun!
Lots of people like us enjoying the warm sunshine. Some swimming in the sea, others having a bbq lunch. Quite a few were just chilling out with a book whilst many others like us, sauntered slowly along the sands.

There has been quite a lot of erosion affecting this part of the coast line.

This tree has certainly reached its final resting place.

When I'm actually looking for a nice piece of weathered bark for my garden I can never find any.
Well, there was an abundance of it today!

(Really pleased that my pictures no longer have a green tinge around the edge, which has been somewhat of a problem in recent months.
My daughter in law solved the problem and then I removed the "green" cover from my iphone.
What am I like!!!!)


  1. The weather has been unbelievable! Was Michael able to walk?

  2. Yes, I have an all walking, talking husband again.