Sunday, 9 October 2011


I picked these flowers just in time from my garden on Friday. Having dragged the last few bits of  washing off the line I popped back out with my kitchen scissors to collect them. The gusty wind that suddenly blew up from nowhere wasn't unexpected but the thunder, lightening and torrential rain that accompanied it, certainly was.
This little collection of flowers are still looking bright and cheerful on my fire place.

As the gorgeous weather from last weekend has diminished and we're now in the throes of Autumn, I've picked up my knitting needles with fresh enthusiasm this past week.
I'm half way through knitting the other fingerless mitten and couldn't wait to start these striped leg warmers for Charlotte. Hopefully I'm going to make a smaller pair for Jessica and they'll both get a matching pair of, yes you've probably guessed it,  fingerless mittens.


  1. Lovely wool, they are both lucky girls.

  2. I agree with Diane lucky little girls!!!