Saturday, 19 November 2011


My week has been really good. Lots of knitting, some christmas shopping and on Wednesday my two little chefs came round to bake their christmas cake. They were brilliant! Charlotte beat the butter and sugar together, Jessica whisked the eggs for what seemed forever and then they both combined the two parts together and mixed in the fruit.  

all super gran had to do was, clear up the mess and wipe the grandchildren down!

After 4 hours the cake came out of the oven looking and smelling delicious.
They really are master mini chefs!


  1. See Domestic Goddesses all of us, it must run in the family! Cant wait to see the finished article. Snowmen and a Christmas tree?

  2. Homemade or Dehlia? Have they chosen the colour scheme this year?

  3. Diane come on homemade of course, Jacqueline is a true Domestic Goddess, no short cuts here!!! She won't let the girls fall into my bad habits. No M&S ready meals go on in this kitchen ;-) x

  4. Why thank you Miriam!
    I do use the tried and tested Delia Smith recipe from one of her old cookery books, so Diane, you were on the right track.
    AND no large electric mixer in my kitchen any longer, just a small handheld mixer, a large wooden spoon and an abundance of spent energy!!

  5. Researching Dehlia recipes for Christmas cake, she only recommends her classic recipe and that is the same as the Waitrose kit. So Miriam you are a domestic goddesses in the cake area still.