Sunday, 27 November 2011


My week unfortunately did start on a very down note!
My brand new, all singing and dancing kitchen has sprung a leak.
Not just any leak but a concealed leak, so it really didn't fully reveal itself until Monday and the extent of the damage become known until Wednesday.
The leak has now been repaired, the damage of course hasn't.

I was pleased that I managed to finish these two items. The hat is a christmas present for my daughter in law, but I do think it has something lacking. I haven't got enough wool left to make a pom pom but a tassel possibly. Do you think it would make it look more appealing?

The fingerless mittens are for my daughter. I really like these so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she likes them too!

When Charlotte & Jessica came this week they requested doughnuts with pink icing, sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. 
No problem, Tesco's sell them I thought, but not on Wednesday.
So being the soft Granny that I am, I came back with plain doughnuts, icing sugar and hundreds and thousands.
In the afternoon the girls had a great time and put the lot together.
I hope they enjoyed eating them!

On Saturday to get over our "uurrrgh" beginning of the week, Michael and I took ourselves off to Bury St Edmunds where they were holding their annual Christmas fayre. It was so so busy, but  there was such a lovely atmosphere. We did a little bit of shopping and had a very nice relaxed lunch. 
Very therapeutic!


  1. I'm going to Rochester Christas Fair on Saturday to get in the Christmassy mood.

  2. The hat will keep her lovely and warm walking the dog on those cold days!

  3. Missed Rochester due to my virus. Will have to wait until next year now,

  4. Diane, that's a real shame.
    Rochester is a place I've always wanted to go to but as yet have never got there!