Sunday, 6 November 2011


Autumn has really moved up a gear since we put the clocks back last weekend. Although still fairly mild the leaves are falling fast. Last Monday Michael and I went for a long walk through Maldon Prom. This used to be an outdoor swimming pool and I don't suppose there was a child in Maldon that didn't have a dip or two in there in the summer, or the winter if they were a little crazy. However, a few years back big changes were made and this is the result, a lovely area with an abundance of visiting wildlife and right on the bank of the river Blackwater.

I've been doing lots of knitting and these scarves, leg warmers and fingerless mittens are of course for Charlotte and Jessica.
They were very impressed when they saw them as Jessica was to join her sister and have her first ballet lesson on Saturday morning so the leg warmers became an essential part of their kit.

Charlotte was also keen to model for me and if I'm honest so too was Jessica but being only two she was jumping about so much with excitement that her side of the picture was too blurred to print.
They both came to visit yesterday afternoon and we had a re run of the ballet class plus an interesting game of Ludo which Charlotte played by her rules, Jessica played with no rules but with an interesting style of throwing the dice. Overarm and at her granny!
I think we should scrap the ballet and find out when can she can start having cricket lessons?


  1. I love the pool as did my children. H&S stops you having any fun now. Wait til you get a grandson and they want to play cricket in the garden, a foam ball will be needed. Perhaps you need a foam dice or get frustration for safety.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! From past experience it's best to keep clear of board games.
    I like the new look blog.

  3. Miriam, perhaps you're right, it nearly was another monopoly moment!