Thursday, 24 May 2012


I'm sitting here this morning with the window open to hazy sunshine, the birds are singing and at long last, it is WARM!
Could it really mean that summer is on the doorstep, I really hope so. I'm sick and tired of still succumbing to turning the heating on in the evenings. It was lovely last night, we didn't close our patio door until gone 9pm and Michael even had to go out and water our vegetable garden as it dawned on us that we hadn't had any rain for a few days.
These are some pictures taken when we were out and about at the weekend.

Saturday evening at Wivenhoe, Essex

Sunday in Whitstable, Kent

Sunday in Herne Bay, Kent

AND this little book,

I have had for absolute years [as you can tell from the price!] but, thought I'd lost it!
On Saturday morning, while Michael was out helping our son build his garage/shed I had a choice of two jobs to keep me occupied, garden or loft. I chose the loft!
It is fairly organised up there, since I took it over as part of my domain and organised it! We do however seem to hang on to things that we really have no further use for, so up I went to have a rummage.
In a suitcase that contains some oddments of wool, a half finished jumper from the 1990"s, some odd knitting needles, a few postcards from America that my parents sent in the 1980"s, I found, right at the bottom my crochet stitches book. I have been looking for this everywhere, so I was really pleased! Now, I have everything in place to get back into crotchet.
I also managed to collect a black sack of rubbish for the dustman and a few items that may well find themselves on ebay in the coming few days.
After my descent, feeling pretty grubby and with a veil of cobwebs, I was still able to get out in the fresh air and do some gardening as well. Two great achievements for one Saturday morning, result!


  1. Plenty to be getting on with then. It's far to warm to be sitting under blankets at the moment, I know I'm sitting under a quilt to get it finished. Who needs a sauna!!!!

  2. I will have to pop over for a lesson.