Sunday, 27 May 2012


Guess where I am?

Yes, for the first time since starting the sky scarf I've knitted today's two rows of sky while sitting in the garden.
Could it get any better?
Well yes I think it could. Beautiful weather for the past few days we may well be experiencing but though I think I'm probably chancing my arm to ask for a few more weeks at least, can we have just a few more days of this glorious sunshine.
And my request is not just because I have an abundance of blue wool in my knitting bag either!

So yesterday, I did some potting on!!
(Chilli's, cucumbers, tomatoes and courgettes)

Later in the afternoon Jo, Rob and the children came round for a BBQ and despite Rob telling us that he was on a diet, they still managed with our help to devour this chocolate swiss roll I made filled with double cream, raspberries and strawberries!

Then for the rest of the evening my grown up son played with the lego that I had retrieved from the loft last weekend. Some of it mine, so probably about 45 years old and his own which we must have had for at least 20 years, if not more.
So, the soon to be 29 year old played while Charlotte not quite 6 arranged the finished projects on a dark background and put her photographical skills to good use!
Strange world!!


  1. The chocolate Swiss roll looks amazing. Lego a timeless toy!

  2. I thought you were off the cream at the moment, well I suppose you do deserve a treat after all that blue knitting!

  3. I too feel happy that I am putting blue in my scarf at last, but today is grey again!