Sunday, 22 July 2012


Jo, our daughter in law bought this little bird house for us when she first started dating our son. It has hung in our virbunum tree in the corner of our garden ever since and birds have shown no interest in it until.........

 On Thursday I was out working in the garden all day and I could hear birds tweeting very loudly. Surely it couldn't be from the blackbirds nest that sits on top of the brick pillar under the shade of the virbunum tree, I was sure they'd flown a while ago.

 I was so surprised! Someone had at last taken a shine to our garden and Jo's vacant box, Mr and Mrs Wren had decided to bring up their new family in it. I suppose because we've been away and haven't been in the garden that much recently due to the weather that our visitors came along unnoticed.

Saturday morning came and mass activity in the garden, the little wrens had fledged their nest. The tiny birds were no bigger than the "o" you make with thumb and fore finger and they weren't wary at all, quite happily allowing us to get so very close with the camera.

They spent a long time scurrying around the plants, sitting on leaves while mum flew off and brought them back food.

In the afternoon all of sudden we noticed the silence. The baby wrens had finally found their wings!

It was an absolute pleasure having them stay with us!

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