Sunday, 1 July 2012


Jessica will be 3 this week and a huge Pepper Pig fan. So, the request was put in for Granny to bake the birthday cake.
This is just 2 plain sponges that were baked in a swiss roll tin and sandwiched together with butter cream and jam. After covering with white icing I used an oversized picture of peppa as a template and cut out first the body in pink and then the red dress which I laid over the top. I added the arms, legs, ears, tail and feet and eyes (liquorice) at the end.
I cheated with the letters, managing to buy them, which was handy.
We took the cake round for Jessica at lunch time today as we had a family tea party.
By the time we left, Peppa was legless.
The cake tasted very nice.

I have another post which will follow in a day or two with a sky scarf update.


  1. A great creation, just love birthday cake! Where did you get the letters?

  2. From a lnew shop in maldon, "lotttie and jake's". Well worth a visit for cake decorations and you can order cakes from there too, if you haven't got a granny handy to bake one!

  3. The cake is brilliant, clever Granny!!

  4. That is so-oo cute! I have a friend who's little girl is also very into Pepper Pig, I will show her your cake. Having boys (who are also a older) I have to say I have never ever seen any of the programmes x