Sunday, 12 August 2012


Wonderful! Brilliant! Excellent! Fantastic! Superb! Amazing!Spectacular!

This is just a group of words I've used over and over again in this past fortnight to try and describe my reaction to the London Olympics 2012 and the achievements of the Great Britain team.

I've rowed with the rowers, boxed with the boxers, swum with the swimmers, held my breathe in awe of our gymnasts and held on to the saddle as our horses have jumped and danced.
Just as I thought it couldn't get any better, last night I was out of my seat yet again, knitting flying in all directions as I cheered on Mo Farrah to the gold medal in the 5000 metres and then later had to watch through my fingers  as Tom Daley dived at his best to win for himself and his dad, the bronze medal.

Even though unfortunately we weren't able to get tickets to any of the events, I had the best seat in the house for the whole fortnight at home.

I have thorough enjoyed it all, as I hope you can probably tell?

Lots of sitting, meant lots of knitting and crochet which was a very pleasant bonus.

I've completed another panel of my blanket, just two more to do. So it should be completely finished by the end of the year - ever hopeful!

I also have got to grips with my crochet and here is just a small selection of granny squares that I've done.

I also have taken onboard yet another knitting project, this time for Kate, for her wedding.
It doesn't just involve wool and stuffing but fabric, thread and needle too, so could be complicated!
Feel free to guess!
 I will tell you more about it all in my next post, after I've sent out some help signals and I've got my head round what I've got to do!


  1. Not quite Diane but you're fairly close or as my grandchildren would say "getting warmer!

  2. Your right about the Olympics best seat in the house 'at home' but we know we would have gone if we could get tickets!!!
    The cover is coming on brilliantly, that's going to something to treasure! Love the crochet too see the Olympic spirit hasn't quite gone yet, everything is still brilliant lovely!!!

  3. They were brilliant weren't they. I have never shouted and cheered at the TV so much. Wonderful.