Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I really can't believe it's been a whole month since my last post. It's not that I haven't had anything to say because those who know me will confirm I always have plenty of old chat. Probably, it's just that I've become caught up with doing this and that.

Throughout August I've spent lots of time with my grand daughters which has been great. Also, there's been lots of arrangements being made for my daughters wedding in December. Thankfully not on the 24th of December but the 22nd!! I won't know whether I should be plucking feathers from the turkey or sticking feathers in my hat. 
Keeping calm about it all is the best course of action I feel BUT the shopping for the other great event in December has to be and will be completed, including wrapping and labels by the last day in November.

I've kept busy with my knitting, the sky scarf is now enormous. Plus, I'm continuing with the knitted blanket and crocheted granny squares which I have to say look nothing like they do on the pattern. These two projects have however had to be side stepped as I've been commissioned by Kate to make the gifts for her four little flower girls, four knitted flower girl dolls. "Oh, heck!" I throw my hands up and exclaim.

Now what else have I been doing?

 Oh yes, holidaying, we've just come back from a week in Arcachon France. It was very nice, very relaxing and the sun shone! 

The only trouble with summer holidays is that when you get home you find a few of these growing in your veg patch. Not just one but five!! We've managed to eat a little, given away a lot and Michael took this one to work today. I don't fully understand why but it's gone.

For the record it is a courgette!


  1. Yes, that certainly is a courgette. I could have done with that for my dinner, you are very lucky i wish I could pick fresh veg from my garden.

  2. Are you feeding your vegetables with steroids or is it the sea air that makes them grow that large? Those beaches do look inviting.