Monday, 24 September 2012


I really wasn't feeling that great over the weekend, a rotten cold and cough really dragged me down. We had a busy weekend planned as well, spring cleaning or should I say, autumn cleaning the garage. Michael has a new boat arriving in the next few days, not to replace the one we already have in the garage but to accompany it.

I stayed in bed on Saturday morning while Michael turfed everything out into the garden for analysis, either heading for the ebay pile or the skip. Whilst in the midst of doing this gigantic job, he also ("it won't take me a minute!") dug a brand new hole for the new washing line.
"A little more difficult than I first thought", he exclaimed when he caught my eyes peering down from an upstairs window.
Well, it was at this very point that I knew I was feeling quite ill. 
Not only did the garden look like a replica of Steptoe & Sons yard with the new line up in it's new position, but the hole that had been dug to  expose the huge concrete bolder which surrounded the old washing line hole was enormous. If I hadn't known better it could easily have been mistaken for an archeological dig  to find some old ancient castle complete with moat.
Unfortunately no photos taken, because I felt that rough, but hopefully your imagination can run riot.
As I said, I knew I was ill. " That's great, you're doing a good job!"
I went back to bed.

Today, I feel much much better and ask the question, why is that when you have had to take an enforced through illness, couple of days out that the very next day you feel that the house hasn't been cleaned for at least a 100 years and the whole country is waiting for you to catch up with the washing?

Here I am on a Monday morning, dusting, hoovering, cleaning the cooker and washing everything in sight. I can't put any of if out on the newly installed washing line because, it's raining!
I do usually try to get the washing outside so today I think the tumble dryer took it's time leaping into action, probably it was choking on it's own dust!
Mmmm, tumble dryers. Why is it, that you can peg everything out on the line, it dries and you bring it all in. Yet, to use the tumble dryer, you have to sort the washing, read the labels and ensure things that can't be tumbled don't go in there?
Big mistake this morning, new hand knitted woolly socks in, tight, shrunk socks out.  In desperation I shoved them on my feet and although the wool crackled in protest more than a bit  I do think they've stretched back to near normal size.
My new monsoon top, worn only about four times in all, didn't fare so well. Of all the things in there, old tee shirts, tea towels etc it was this particular top that clung to the door a little too tightly and came out with several holes in the front. Why?

Persevering, I now have a date with the ironing board and iron, what a treat!

I'm also going to leave you with some pictures from our holiday of kite paragliders on the great sand dune of Pyla, near Archachon. It was just 3 weeks ago, and it was sunny and hot.
Oh what a lovely thought!

(And if you're wondering what happened to the enormous hole in my garden, Michael did come to the rescue. On Sunday he returned the yard back to our garden. The hole was filled in, grass seed was bought and scattered. Thankfully, it is being well watered in today!)


  1. Oh dear - but glad I'm not the only one with menfolk that does something similar!We have at the moment a huge (no amend that) two huge holes in our ceiling and one in the bedroom wall while Himself ponders at the next stage of putting in a loft staircase............... nice pictures and glad you are on the mend

  2. what great pictures, I know how you feel ,im glad you are on the mend