Tuesday, 6 November 2012


When I was in my teenage years and my maternal grandmother turned 90 to me, she was a very old lady. A woman who never went out without a hat, never left the house alone and actually was never left in the house alone. 
If I think back to when I was a little girl, she was even old then. She would spend hours teaching me to play cards and board games and always arrived on the doorstep when I was sick to keep me company and read me books but, I can't ever remember seeing her work in the garden, or do the housework, washing and ironing.
She was my grandma.

Last week my dad turned 90. Both he and mum are still very independent and they do a very good job of keeping each other on their toes. Despite this I do sometimes wonder if, like me when I was little, Charlotte and Jessica think Grandpa is a very old man!
 On Sunday the most horrendous wet weather didn't dampen our spirits and a family gathering of 37 met at the Lion Inn , where we had a lovely lunch and spent the afternoon celebrating his birthday. Dad and mum thoroughly enjoyed themselves as I know we all did.

Happy birthday Dad!


  1. It was a lovely day despite the weather and I was so pleased to be able to celebrate my Uncle Alf's 90th Birthday. He is great for his age Jacqueline and its either in the genes or the Whisky he enjoys, in case it's not the genes I think maybe we need to crack open a bottle of Malt and join him in his daily tot!!!! I think we are fourtunate to come from such a close family. x

  2. lovely post and a lovely smiley Dad photo! Happy 90th Jacgueline's Dad :)