Sunday, 18 November 2012


Oh, so slowly but finally my blanket is getting near to completion. I have the last square on my knitting needles and today I managed to sew the fourth panel in place.

I do realise that once it's all sewn together I will have quite a task ahead when I attempt knitting the border. I have 2 sets of circular needles ready and waiting.

Life in my house is is now virtually 100% in wedding mode, just over a month to go now until the event.  I do believe that my ideal of all christmas shopping, purchased and wrapped by Nov 30th will actually fail to happen. However, I am still  hopeful that christmas cards will be written by the end of this coming week. Kate is wrapping all her presents tonight and guess where they're going to reside until christmas day. In the next couple of days my spare room will look like a bridal shop and a christmas shop all rolled into one.

Deep breathes, keep calm and just keep my needles clicking on with my last square!


  1. The blanket is looking brilliant, it may have taken a while but something well worth the time taken. It will look lovely in your bedroom an heirloom piece.
    Only one month, I'm all ready new outfit hanging in the wardrobe, I'm looking forward to see my god daughter walk down the aisle.

  2. I love your new banner :) looks gorgeous with all the different stitches. The border sounds a bit daunting - good luck :)