Sunday, 25 November 2012


For a woman that states that she cannot sew, I do believe I've had a crash course this weekend.
Firstly I must say a very big thank you to my friend Diane who spent a considerable time on Friday helping me with the hair and eyes for the 4 bridesmaid dolls that I've knitted. Though they're not quite finished this one here is Grace, hair made by me but sewn by Diane. She's now ready to go to the dressmaker tomorrow for a dress fitting.
(The dressmaker who is making the bridesmaid dresses is also making identical little dresses for the dolls) 

My mum very kindly has given me her folding cutting out board which has been really helpful.
Yesterday I was able to lay out my blanket on the dining room table and spent the afternoon sewing yet again.
Today I have 6 squares of the last panel to sew in and thankfully today the sun is shining through the windows, that will be a great help.

The sun today will also bring a welcome change in my sky scarf, it's been looking very grey recently!


  1. The doll looks good, I'm sure the bridesmaids will be thrilled with their dolls!
    We haven't had an update on the sky scarf for ages, I think we need a look at the progress.

    1. I'll take some photos for my next post!

  2. Helped sew the hair, it really was a joint effort. Think she needs her fringe trimmed! Looking forward to seeing her dressed.

  3. Diane, I may get by with my sewing skills but I'm no hairdresser. You're right though, the fringe does need a trim!

  4. The doll is looking so sweet, will be lovely to see her dressed and ready.