Thursday, 14 February 2013


Yesterday on returning home from a nice lunch out I set to task preparing dinner - shepherds pie. I busied myself in the kitchen chopping onions and carrots and finally got the pie on the stove to cook.
Potatoes next I thought,  kept in the garage I went to grab the key but alas there was no key!
Where could it have got too?
Husband phoned to say he was on his way home and asked what's for dinner. Possibly shepherds pie, I told him if I can find the key to the garage. He suggested being helpful like, I find the spare which only opens the front of the garage meaning I would have to negotiate Jessica's doll's pushchair, our lawnmower and 2 boats!!
Finally, I returned to the kitchen, peeled the potatoes and got on with dinner.

Husband came home and we tried to solve the case of the missing key. I went through all MY pockets while he took a torch outside and went through the rubbish and recycling. No joy!
In the end he deduced that the culprit might well be under 3ft tall and went off to query the matter with her parents.

This morning, whilst I was told it was not a serious issue, I was reminded that it was important to find it. So, just a short while ago I've been through the toy box, rearranged the lego, looked under the settee cushions and indeed the settee, checked MY pockets again and then checked in the pockets of the duffle coat that hangs in the wardrobe.
Mine? - No!
Paddington Bear's?- Oh no!!!!
Husbands? - Oh yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is thank god it wasn't me that went through the rubbish!

Love 'em? - Well yes, it is Valentine's day after all!!!!


  1. Poor Michael, he will have to pay for that for a looooooooong time!

  2. Hope he paid with a huge bunch of red roses!