Monday, 11 February 2013


Sometimes even when you make things yourself once finished, they're not really to your liking. These slippers have unfortunately entered that category. Maybe it's because I struggled with the pattern at first although once I got properly started, the pattern was not difficult at all!
No doubt they will wallow somewhere in the depths of my bedroom and will be much welcomed on a cold winter's night when I can't get my feet warm.
I've already cast on for a pair of socks for Charlotte, still using Drops Big Delight but this time in a different shade. I'll have to go shopping again for more so I can finish them and make a pair for Jessica.

This past week I've had 2 visits to the oesteopath for treatment to my knee. It was so much better that on Saturday I was able to potter outside, just snipping at dead heads while Michael repotted herbs and broke up the wooden herb trough which now after a few years was beyond repair.

Some shrubs and trees are already showing signs  that spring is not too far a way. A pleasing thought, yet this Monday morning we've woken to another dusting of snow and a pretty dull and miserable day.
My knee is once again painful, (I don't think the cold weather helps), and I've been back to the oesteopath this afternoon for more treatment with another appointment booked for Friday.
My Mum would say that it's not nice getting older but she's nearly 90! I'm in my 50's and at the moment I feel like she does. It says something when my favourite companion of the moment is a tube of Bio-Freeze!!!
Hopefully next time I post I will be pain free, so less grumpy and I will also post some pictures of my sock adventure.


  1. Replies
    1. No I haven't Diane, did you have it when your knee was bad?

  2. Yes, 100% better after one visit. Had 6 in total which cleared up the problem. The Dr hadn't been able to do a thing. I will text you details tomorrow.